Natalie MacNeil presents...

Join us for a business and life-transforming event like no other.

APRIL 29, 2019
In gorgeous Los Angeles, California

Imagine this:

It’s May.

You’ve been hard at work in your business this year -- you’ve made progress on, or hit, a few of your 2019 goals.

Things are feeling pretty good.
You’ve got momentum going, and now, you’re craving something else.
Maybe you want to create an action plan for your next launch or product.
Or rethink the structure of your business so you can work less, and make more.
Or go deeper, conquer your biggest mental and emotional blocks, and break your boldest goals down into your next best simple steps.
But most of all? You don’t want to be staring at someone through a laptop screen anymore. 
You want to go and be immersed in the energy of a community, live and in person -- because you know that’s where the magic happens.  

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to:

april 29, 2019
In Los Angeles, California

Ready to join us?

You will walk out of Conquer Live in a very different reality and way of being than when you walked in.

You'll leave with clarity on your bigger vision and purpose, an action plan outlining your tasks and next steps for the rest of the year, and a deeply rooted feeling of unwavering confidence and power to make your boldest dreams come true. 

Grab your ticket - and we’ll see you there!

“What I love most about The Conquer Live Retreat is that sometimes we have big ideas about what we want to do, and people think we’re crazy. What I find powerful about coming together in a retreat setting is that these women are also kind of crazy like you -- so you feel normal. The event has connected me with women who are really badass, women who think bigger and want bigger things in life.

Entrepreneurship is a journey and a hard one. No one tells you that. So by forming these friendships with people face to face, you build relationships -- and that's the secret sauce to building and scaling a business. Because if you try to do it by yourself with people who don't support you, you're going to give up. And if you give up? People won't get to experience your service, and you won't have a chance to make the world a better place.

Coming to the event is an investment in yourself and your business -- and you're going to have *plenty of *ROI.”

After Conquer LIVE, your life and business will never be the same.

You’ll join Natalie MacNeil (that's me!), at the stunning boutique hotel The Line, where you’ll have the chance to:  
— Expand on your big vision and re-imagine what's possible through live coaching and guided exercises
— Plan your next steps in vivid detail so you're walking away with a map for the rest of the year
— Do the inner work that will allow you to step into a higher capacity and embody your work and mission like never before
When we say “an event like no other”, we mean it. This event is all about accelerating and supporting your path to success -- mind, body and soul -- while also giving you space to stretch yourself personally and dive deep within.
As we always say, personal growth and business growth go hand in hand. At our event, you’ll get a beautiful blend of both.
You’ll learn techniques and tools that we just can’t dive into online, and be the first to experience a new, transformational framework I've been developing. I’ll be doing plenty of laser coaching and hot seats, plus guided meditations and experiential exercises that will allow you to access  more of your potential.
The result will be an elevation of your energy, and an alignment with the personal power you hold to manifest your deepest desires and boldest vision. I have hosted events for years now, and many who join us say the personal growth work is their favorite part of the experience. Many of our attendees return year after year. 
“What I love most about [Natalie’s events] is that we have this amazing community of inspiring *very smart women* from around the world who provide support, and inspiration, and empathy, and tools and it's just such an amazing rich community that I feel I will take with me for the rest of my life, really.”
“Oh my god, these women are by far the most focused, dedicated, committed entrepreneurs I have ever met.”

Conquer Live will be a major turning point in your business and life. Let's recap what you’ll walk away with...

— Clarity around your highest purpose and mission
— Systems that support every area of your business and life
— A clear roadmap and action steps to get you to where you want to go
— New friends, and future collaborators 
— A potent confidence you will take into every area of your life moving forward, and a renewed energy for all you want to create and build next 
— And more magic and surprises to ensure you head home ready to take on the world like never before...

We’d be honored to welcome you to Conquer LIVE in 2019. 

Grab your ticket - and we’ll see you there! Have questions? Write to us at

Tickets are $597 for a limited time

“The biggest thing I'm walking away with is that if I conceive something and believe it, I really can achieve it -- and I learned a lot of executables and action steps that I'm going to bring back to my business.”
“Meeting with his group of women, having someone cheering you on like Natalie and helping you set your goals and implement your goals is the most powerful thing you can do for your life and your business right now.”